AL-Hassan Industrial (QIZ), AR-Ramtha, Irbid-21467, Jordan

Tel: +962-02-7391405

Mr.Suresh Karmakar

                                                             Qualification: MscIT (Sikkim Manipal University)
                                                          Designation: Management Information System & IT Manager                                                              

My Objective:To work in a challenging and highly competitive environment where I would be able to explore my abilities and hence contribute to the best of myself.

About Myself:
I think determination, dedication and hard work can help to achieve one’s desired goals in life. I also
Can organize a program confidently with others even under pressure. I can be a team leader if
Responsibility is entrusted to me. My outlook towards the various struggles and hardships in life is;
Dedication and hard work does pay. Just work hard towards your goal and don’t bother about the
Failures that may arise for it has been rightly said that failure is the pillar of success. The valuable
Keywords that inspire me to go ahead with my allotted task are the three D’s, which are
“Determination, Dedication and Diligence.”